The workshops, seminars and lectures conducted by Dr. DeGruy are reflective of her commitment to the healing and well-being of all people.

African American Male Adolescent Violence

This workshop examines the relationship between current and historical stressors unique to economically disadvantaged African American male youth. Dr. DeGruy investigates issues of violence victimization, violence witnessing, urban hassles, racial socialization, issues of respect and the presence of violence among these youth. 

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

The Theory of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome suggest that centuries of slavery followed by systemic racism and oppression have resulted in multigenerational adaptive behaviors - some of which have been positive and reflective of resilience, and other that are detrimental and destructive.

In brief, Dr DeGruy presents facts, statistics and documents that illustrate how varying levels of both clinically induced and socially learned veridical stress related issues were passed along through generations as a result of slavery.

Healing Workshops

Heating begins by simply telling the truth. Dr Joy believes that "truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtue."

Workshops aim at guiding us toward unlocking our own truths by critically evaluating history, medicine, science and education. Dr. DeGruy shares her strategies for whaling and well as encouraging others to discover their own. Dr. DeGruy has the keen ability to meet her audience where they are and inspire us to rise above our fears.

Don't miss an opportunity to be a participant in these amazing series of workshops.

Be a partner in social justice. Be a part of history. Be the Healing.

CuLture Specific Models of Service Delivery and Practice

This seminar couple evidence-based practice models and culturally responsive intervention approaches. Thus the values, customs and traditions that characterize and distinguish different groups of people become the tools through which providers can uterine how to proceed in assisting, supporting and strengthening individuals, families and group from a particular cultural group.

Informed by an anthropological familiarity with the pertinent behaviors, ideas, attitudes, habits, beliefs, and so forth that are peculiar to that group.