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North American Reparations:

A Blueprint for Global Healing

This initiative is designed specifically to bring about racial equity and remedy the ills that have plagued North America and its institutions for centuries. Partners across North America are working together to integrate services that will be utilized as a mechanism for change at the individual, community and institutional levels. 

Enslavement and colonialism has stifled the mental, emotional, material, and physical progress of humanity. These issues have multi-generational impact across the world originating from anti-Blackness. North America’s climate reflects the most baneful and persistent examples of overt and systemic racial terrorism in the industrialized world. Reparations include reducing individual, community and institutional trauma. This must involve assessing the extent of the injuries resulting from traumas, establishing healing practices and strategies and finally, changing or eliminating harmful antiquated policies.

"Let truth prevail. Let the demand for justice be our guide. Let the healing begin."



This innovative approach to reparations is a transformative model for global restoration, repair and healing; addressing the historical harm and trauma of racism and colonization.


North American Reparations: A Blueprint for Global Healing is informed by the research of Dr. Joy DeGruy in her seminal book entitled “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing (PTSS)”.


We are aiming for an equitable, peaceful, healthy, and sustainable society through:

  • Restoration of the historical truth.

  • Policies and legislation that will mitigate multigenerational ongoing harm.

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